Bob Greene, Oprah's diet and fitness expert and bestselling author of "The Best Life Diet," teams up this time with Kearney-Cooke, a psychologist, and Jibrin, a nutritionist.

"In most cases," he writes, "the biggest barriers to losing weight and keeping it off are related to the way you think, how you feel, and how you manage your life."

Not necessarily just how you count your calories.

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THE SCOOP: The authors encourage keeping a "Lifestyle Log" - including feelings of hunger, hours of sleep, and situations and emotions.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Greene's approach focuses on six areas: overcoming overeating, becoming a healthy eater, ending exercise aversion ("in my experience, most inactive people put exercise in the same category as dental work," Greene writes), improving your body image, learning how to maintain weight loss - and pursuing happiness.

Didn't Thomas Jefferson say something about our right to do just that?

THE LIFE YOU WANT: Get Motivated, Lose Weight, and Be Happy, by Bob Greene, with Ann Kearney-Cooke and Janis Jibrin. Simon & Schuster, $26, 291 pp.