American Heart Association No-Fad Diet, 2nd Edition: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss. Clarkson Potter, $24.99, 450 pp.


The American Heart Association, which published this book's first edition in 2005, wants to help the alarming number of overweight Americans (two-thirds of adults, one-third of kids) whose obesity puts them at high risk for heart disease. Here, it provides a three-pronged approach to healthy weight loss: Think smart. Eat well. Move more.

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THE SCOOP Thinking smart means changing your mind-set to change your behavior.

Eating well encourages you to tailor your approach: "switch and swap," substituting low-calorie foods for unhealthful ones; "the 75 percent solution" - eat what you like but cut the quantity.

And move more: Integrate more activity into your day, walk or do organized activities.

THE BOTTOM LINENearly 200 recipes, ranging from green-tea lattes to speed-dial stuffed peppers. And "Pass It On" encourages you to teach your kids to eat heart- healthy.