THINK AND GROW THIN: The Revolutionary Diet & Weight-Loss System That Will Change Your Life in 88 Days!, by Charles D'Angelo. Robert Kennedy Publishing, 272 pp., $22.95.

The cover blurb of this book by hunky, formerly fat "Weight-Loss Coach" D'Angelo is by a famous, formerly chunky guy: Bill Clinton. Someone we've all watched slim down, switching allegiance from greasy burgers to beans.

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D'Angelo writes movingly of the anguish of being fat (he weighed 200 pounds in fourth grade) and of his new approach: "While others are out eating fattening foods and drinking, I'm at the gym, knowing that I am going the extra mile and will reap the reward for my sacrifice."

THE SCOOP D'Angelo writes about "Mental Dieting" (the power of positivity), focusing on success and more. His successful clients' stories inspire, with before and after pictures.

THE BOTTOM LINE You'll see D'Angelo demonstrate weight training routines, and read his meal suggestions. But his strength is as a motivator. "When I decided to transform my life, the biggest change I made was in my confidence," he writes. "I decided to have some."