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Briefs: Coconut water is no miracle drink

One of the hottest trends these days at health food stores is coconut water. But is it really the best beverage for replenishing fluids after sports? Andrea Giancoli of the American Dietetic Association, said, "If you like the taste," it's fine. As for "the hype that it will cure everything from cancer to hypertension," Giancoli says, "there is no miracle food. Every time we 'miracle-ize' a food, we lose sight of its real benefits." And those benefits are? "Coconut water is lower in calories than a Gatorade or juice," Giancoli says. Better yet, it's a really good source of potassium.

Airplane air

Air travel can be disgusting. If someone sneezes in row two you breathe it way back in row 30. Cabin air is basically a cesspool of recirculated germs. Right? Actually, airplane air is cleaner than the air in your office or your supermarket. "Air on an airplane is about half fresh and half recirculated, and that whole volume is changed out several times per hour," says Patrick Smith, a longtime pilot and author of "Ask the Pilot." Recirculated air passes through the same kind of high-efficiency particulate air filters hospital operating rooms use - which claim to remove almost all bacteria and viruses.

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