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What to know about restrictions after COVID-19 vaccination

A COVID-19 vaccination is given at Union Baptist

A COVID-19 vaccination is given at Union Baptist Church in Hempstead on last month. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Just how much leeway to socialize is conferred on a vaccinated person depends whom you ask. But there is one consensus: A return to normal is unlikely until nearly everyone is vaccinated, a process that at the current rate could take until January 2022, according to The Wall Street Journal.

I’ve been avoiding my grandkids because I’m at high-risk for the coronavirus. Once I’m vaccinated, can the family safely be together in person?

Must I still quarantine if I've been exposed to a potential/confirmed COVID case, even once I've been vaccinated?

How long after vaccination does my body take before developing immunity to the virus?

If I’m vaccinated, why should I continue to cover my face?

Is there still a risk to me once I’m fully vaccinated?

How long does immunity last?