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Newsday spent three days inside Mount Sinai South Nassau with doctors, nurses, executives and other medical personnel. Share your reaction to our story and videos.


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My gratitude and heart goes out to them

Moshe Harry Cederbaum, Woodmere

Not complying Needlessly endangers health care workers.

Anthony Robitissek, Port Jefferson

There are no words to describe the valor of the "unsung heroes" at Mount Sinai South Nassau.

Richard and Hannah Kagan, Baltimore, Maryland 21215

I think that was a brilliant idea.

Francis, Babylon

Your article ... brought tears and great sorrow over the magnitude of suffering and death.

Stratos G Kantounis, MD FACS, Rockville Centre, NY

These first responders and the hospital workers are the definition of the word hero!

Edward , Valley Stream

..there will never be a sufficient way to celebrate or reward their expertise and devotion, but they have my eternal "thanks".

Barbara Turano , Wading River

Newsday as an organization should rethink the purpose of this type of article, as their intent to memorialize Health Care...

Mark Warren, Lynbrook

Nothing we can do can thank them enough for their courage.

Mary Wyman, Centerport

Article was well done

Jeff Fulcoly, CALVERTON

Revealing the facts and emotional aspects of this pandemic in ways that can never be communicated by tweets or press conferences

Dr. Marc Levin, Saint Louis, MO

Powerful reporting. The dedication of the hospital staff really comes through In this story. Kudos to Newsday for supporting...

Michelle Munn, DC

Just showing up every day in the face of this level of danger makes them heroes

Marie Polifrone, Hewlett

They are sacrificing their own lives and the health of their own families, for us.

Michelle Garrett , Bay Shore

Governor Cuomo should issue an order making it a crime to deny parental access to first responders based on Covid-19 concerns.

Nancy DREEBEN , Merrick

I worked at that hospital for 21 yrs and know first hand how dedicated and committed the drs nurses and therapists are.

Carol Ishikawa, Farmingdale

I can’t imagine the amount of pain & suffering that you all have been dealing with on daily basis.

Janet Peterson - Andrade, Seaford

That’s why we quarantine. You just don’t know if you will survive or die alone.

Emma Cass, Port Jeff

I don't think many people like me truly understand the magnitude & the toll this disease has taken on all medical personnel...

Ellen Puerta, Houston TX

Thank god for the selflessness of the doctors and nurses. They are truly heroes!

Victoria Shires, Blue Point

Keep reminding us what we can do to lift each other up!

Malinda Sanna, Laurel Hollow

Seeing the doctors and nurses caring for patients in such extreme circumstances makes me feel so sad and worried for them

Cara McNamara, Ronkonkoma

Thank you Newsday for giving readers an inside look at the horrors of this disease and the heroic work being done by our...

Scott Bernstein, Muttontown

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