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Jenny Craig helps Christine Ulmer of Medford drop 90 pounds

Christine Ulmer, of Medford, is pictured in June

Christine Ulmer, of Medford, is pictured in June 2015, weighing about 250 pounds, and in a more recent photo showing off her 90-pound weight loss. Ulmer followed a Jenny Craig diet program and exercised by taking long walks. Credit: John Ulmer; Newsday/Chuck Fadely

Christine Ulmer, 43, Medford

Occupation Office Manager

Height 5’4

Weight before: 250 (June 2013)

Weight after: 160 lbs (December 2015)

Her story

Ulmer’s tale is a familiar one. She says she was “very skinny” as a kid but put on some weight in college and also after her first pregnancy, then lots more after her second pregnancy. “I tried diets here and there, and twice before lost about 50 pounds, but I couldn’t keep it off,” she said. Based on a TV commercial and success stories she heard, Ulmer met with a Jenny Craig consultant in 2013 and joined the program. On a weekly basis, she purchased her food and met with a consultant to talk about any upcoming challenges (like holiday eating or social events) to figure out ways to handle them. In the beginning she was losing 3 to 4 pounds a week and then leveled off to 1 to 2 pounds a week. “The first time I didn’t have to shop in the plus-size section was super exciting. . . . I’m truly feeling better about myself mentally and physically, and I have no more heartburn.”

Her diet

During her losing phase, breakfast was any one of the Jenny Craig breakfast entrees like egg whites and turkey bacon sandwich or scrambled egg whites, potatoes, turkey ham and cheese. For lunch, Christine had her own salad and a Jenny Craig turkey burger or grilled chicken sandwich or a baked potato with broccoli. Dinner was usually a large bowl of vegetables and a program entree like meatloaf, mesquite chicken, or chicken carbonara. She snacked on yogurt or a dairy product or a program snack. Ulmer is at her goal weight now and has maintained it since July by eating her own food on some days and program products on others.

Her exercise

Two to three days during the week, Ulmer walks one to two miles. On weekends she tries to walk 3 to 3½ miles each day.

Her advice

“Stick with whatever dieting you’re doing. It also involves changing your lifestyle. There are occasional setbacks, but stay focused.”