Dropping LBs.: Lisa Cameron of Baldwin

Lisa Cameron, 43, of Baldwin, was so upset Lisa Cameron, 43, of Baldwin, was so upset with herself when her weight topped 200 pounds. When she saw the scales, she decided then and there to return to her slimmer, healthier self. She credits exercise and food and lifestyle changes for her 50-pound weight loss. Photo Credit: Handout; Karen Wiles Stabile

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Lisa Cameron

43, Baldwin

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OccupationWorks in strategic planning for Bethpage Federal Credit Union



200Weight before February 2011

150After May 2012

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HER STORY After years of dieting to lose weight for a special occasion and then gaining the weight back, Lisa Cameron decided that a lifestyle change was what she really needed.

"It was February. I woke up and the weather was crappy, and I felt crappy," says Cameron, who went to the gym regularly but undid her good work by not paying attention to what she was eating and not controlling her portions.

"I had no problem going to the gym," she says. "I'd go Monday through Friday. I was eating way more than I was burning. I'd get on the elliptical machine and burn 500 calories. Then, I'd eat 3,000 calories."

She also had a ritual that didn't help. "Every Friday I'd order all these fried things: fried chicken, fried plantains, you name it," says Cameron, who has gone from a size 14-16 to a size 6, the smallest she's been since college. "I was eating late at night. I'd eat until I went to bed at 11 p.m."

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DIET While she cooks different meals for her husband and two children, Cameron starts her day with yogurt and granola. "I have five to six meals a day," she says. Her treats include a banana, rice cakes or Skinny Cow ice cream if she feels she needs something sweet.

Lunch is chicken with seasonal vegetables. Dinner is some combination of tuna, beans or other protein and steamed vegetables and a salad.

"I like to eat with the season," says Cameron. "I also stay away from salt and high-sodium foods."

EXERCISE Her daily workout includes 20 minutes of running on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, core exercises and then upper-body or lower-body weights. She does the P90X exercise video every Saturday and then runs 5k every Sunday.

ADVICE "Don't go to the gym and work out and fool yourself into thinking you can pig out afterward," Cameron says. "Weight and strength training make a big difference. It sculpts the body so you don't just lose weight and have saggy skin. You have strong muscles."

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