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Good Evening

Dropping lbs.: Sal Fischetti

HIS STORY Sal Fischetti was always husky, but it was only after a doctor's appointment in August 2011 that he acknowledged his weight had gotten out of hand.

"As a result of my blood work, my doctor said I had the potential to become a diabetic," Fischetti remembers. "There's a history of diabetes in my family, so that really scared me. I decided it was time to lose weight."

He joined Weight Watchers. Fischetti's wife, Denise, agreed to join with him. "She didn't need to lose that much weight, but wanted the two of us to do it together," says Fischetti. (Denise Fischetti has lost around 25 pounds, he says.)

Fischetti has reached his goal weight, and he says that all his blood work is normal. "I made a commitment to change my life and do more for myself," Fischetti says.

DIET Fischetti says his problem was portion control -- he didn't have any. "I always had a multigrain cereal for breakfast, but my bowl was too big -- and I was using too much milk." Now, he measures everything. Breakfast is two cups of Cheerios or other multigrain cereal with one cup of low-fat milk. Lunch is usually fruit and vegetables with yogurt. Dinner is grilled chicken, turkey or maybe fish with lots of vegetables. He says he seldom eats red meat and has completely cut out pizza, white rice, white flour and white pasta.

EXERCISE Although he exercises less now than when he was actively losing weight, he still does half an hour of cardio and half an hour of weights Monday through Friday. "If I'm coming to the school on the weekends for some reason, I'll work out," he says.

ADVICE "You have to establish a routine and be consistent," Fischetti says. "I know that I always have to exercise and eat right."