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Dropping Pounds: Ali Goldsmith of Merrick

HER STORY After a lifetime of good health, Ali Goldsmith says the birth of her three children -- a 9-year-old son and 4-year-old twin daughters -- led her to begin packing on the pounds.

"The turning point was when I was looking at the photos from my daughters' first birthday," Goldsmith recalls. "I was so disgusted with myself. I was self-conscious and it was affecting my relationship with others. I didn't feel good about myself."

She turned to Weight Watchers in 2011, got the weight off, and has kept it off since. She used a combination of Weight Watchers and spin classes to get in shape, and stay that way.

"It took me six months to get the weight off," Goldsmith says. "I got down to 120, but that was too thin and too hard to maintain. I don't want to constantly feel like I am on a diet to keep my weight in check."

She says that, although she didn't realize she lacked energy, she now has loads of energy and approaches life differently.

"Prepare yourself for possible weak moments," Goldsmith says. "Always have healthy food choices on hand in case you get hungry."

She now always makes a list before going grocery shopping instead of winging it and just buying things because she is hungry.

She also cut out a lot of carbs, her go-to food, and added more protein and fiber to her diet. And she learned little tips like anticipating hunger triggers.

"Now, when I go to a party, it is about the people, not the food," Goldsmith says.

DIET She went from a high-carb diet of pasta, pasta and more pasta, to one that focuses on proteins and fibers. Her usual breakfast is Greek-style yogurt with a sprinkling of Fiber One cereal. Lunch is a chopped salad with grilled chicken, a balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Dinner includes things like whole-grain pasta with a protein and vegetables, or a veggie burger.

EXERCISE She takes spin classes in Bellmore two to three times a week for 45 minutes. Other days she power-walks in the neighborhood.

ADVICE "Going to a place like Weight Watchers with people who have similar issues was helpful," Goldsmith says. "And weighing in made me accountable. Doing it online wouldn't have worked for me."

Ali Goldsmith

37, Merrick

Occupation: Lawyer and stay-at-home mom

Height: 5-foot-4

180 Weight before February 2011

140 Weight after October 2014