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Dropping Pounds: Ed Mutchnick

Ed Mutchnick is seen to the left in

Ed Mutchnick is seen to the left in April 2012, weighing 285 pounds. In October 2012, he started Weight Watchers, and over the next 29 months lost 107 pounds. Photo Credit: Ilse Mutchnick; Newsday / John Paraskevas


Ed Mutchnick has been overweight most of his life and actually lost 70 pounds three different times. The last time, before his current weight loss, was 15 years ago. His weakness was portion size and sweets, particularly ice cream. He would eat a box of cookies at a time. "A friend told me I had to put away the shovel and take out a spoon," says Mutchnick.

In 2012, when he could no longer tie his shoes and breathe at the same time or climb stairs without effort, he got serious, thinking, "I want to live a little longer." He started with Weight Watchers' points system, a program he used before. Over the next 29 months, he lost 107 pounds, staying within his points allotment and recording everything he ate. He reached his goal last month but continues to count points. He plans his meals and doesn't deprive himself. He even enjoys gelato, beer and liquor by accounting for them in his daily 29 points. When dining out, Mutchnick says he usually orders chicken, but will bring half home. If it's a restaurant that posts nutrition information online, he plans his selection before arriving. "And I tell the servers to not bring bread to the table," he adds.



For breakfast Mutchnick will have either one or two hard-boiled eggs or canned salmon and some fruit. Lunch is the alternate breakfast items. Mutchnick says he eats a lot of produce, especially fruit. "For supper I'll have lots of fruit with 16 ounces of yogurt. I don't eat a lot of meat, but I do eat fish." He snacks on fruit.



Exercise didn't play much of a role in Mutchnick's weight loss and still doesn't. He owns an exercise bike and a treadmill, but says, "My wife uses the treadmill. Me? Not so much." Mutchnick claims that most of his success is from being very careful about what he eats, saying, "If I had exercised, it would've come off faster."



"You can set your final goal, but don't set a time to it. Set small goals and reasonable ones. Stay focused and ignore saboteurs and food pushers."

Ed Mutchnick

69, Lindenhurst

Occupation Retired from the U.S. Postal Service

Height 5' 8"

Before Weight 285 in April 2012

After Weight 178 March 2015


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