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Dropping pounds: Jane Keidel

Jane Keidel

56, Valley Stream

Occupation: Music teacher at East Woods School, Oyster Bay

Height: 5-foot-1


Dec. 25, 2011 - 162


Oct. 17, 2012 - 113

HER STORY Years of inattention to her diet had taken their toll on Jane Keidel's waistline.

"I ate whatever my students ate for lunch: hot dogs, cupcakes, tacos, even whatever they brought in for parties," says Keidel.

Menopause tacked on another 20 pounds. She did try once to lose weight, joining Jenny Craig and losing 30 pounds, but it didn't stick. "I put it right back on when I went back to eating the same way," Keidel says, adding that divorce was the catalyst to her weight loss. "It was so stressful that my wheat and gluten allergies from childhood flared up," Keidel says. "I lost 49 pounds in five months."

"Thank God for the allergies because I had to change my diet," Keidel says. "I eliminated wheat from my diet and tried to eat only whole foods. I ate nothing processed or that came out of a box.'' She says that her continued success is due, in part, to the health-focused catering company at the school. "The chef makes everything fresh. There are always fresh fruits and vegetables on the salad bar."

Keidel says she no longer has carbohydrate cravings and is able to continue her healthful eating habits at home."My eating is in balance now," Keidel says.

DIET The bulk of her diet is whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Breakfast is fruit with yogurt or an egg. Lunch is anything on the salad bar, along with grilled meat or fish. "My dinner ranges from an apple with peanut butter to grilled meat or fish with vegetables. My new thing is quinoa."

EXERCISE She attends the gym three days a week for about an hour, using the elliptical machine or treadmill. She also lifts weights for toning.

ADVICE "You have to have a reason to lose weight," Keidel says. "So figure out that reason and just get started. I lost weight because of the illness [her gluten allergies], but keep it off because I wanted a new life and a new body to go with it."


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