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Dropping Pounds: Jeremy Linnick, student

HIS STORY Jeremy Linnick wasn't into exercise or eating healthy, and it showed.

"I had a very large stomach and man boobs, but the rest of me was skinny," Linnick says.

It was the app My Fitness Pal that drove him to clean up his act.

"I'm graduating this year and thought it was important for my health to get in shape," Linnick says. "When I went on My Fitness Pal, it said I was overweight for my height and age."

Linnick, who gave up soda his freshman year, never met a piece of pizza, wings, ice cream or cake he didn't like. He had put on the freshman 15 and much more. "I was starting to have energy issues and was winded going up a flight of stairs," Linnick says.

"I started out just watching what I ate," Linnick remembers of his early efforts with My Fitness Pal. "I lost some weight, but I eventually hit a plateau and needed to do more."

He added exercise and the weight began to melt away. He went from a 34 waist to a 30.

DIET "I definitely incorporated a lot more fruits and vegetables into my diet," says Linnick, who sticks to around 2,300 calories a day. "I used to eat just fried chicken and other fried things. Now, I eat grilled chicken, whole-wheat bread and other healthy things."

Breakfast is usually a piece of toast and two bananas, with the occasional three scrambled eggs for protein. Lunch is two wraps with luncheon meat and lettuce.

"I usually save most of my calories for dinner," says Linnick, who now prepares most of his own meals. "At school I can make whatever I want. At home, I just eat small portions of whatever everyone else is eating."

His go-to snacks are grape tomatoes and baked chips.

EXERCISE When he first started on the treadmill, he'd be winded after about 10 minutes. Now, he goes to the gym four to five days a week, runs on the treadmill for about 25 minutes, then goes to the elliptical machine and the StairMaster. He no longer is winded climbing stairs.

ADVICE Linnick says that starting is the biggest hurdle.

"You don't even have to make big changes at first, just do something," Linnick says.

-- Sylvia E. King-Cohen

Jeremy Linnick

21, East Moriches

Occupation Student at D'Youville College in Buffalo

Height 5-foot-11

187 Weight before July 23, 2012

157 Weight after Dec. 18, 2012