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Dropping pounds: Kenny Hahn, Central Islip

HIS STORY "I wasn't that much overweight, and I'm not a sedentary guy, but I always had a beer belly," says Kenny Hahn, who adds that his weight fluctuated between 210 and 220 pounds for years.

He didn't really pay much attention to what he ate. "In the morning, I was good; afternoon, I wouldn't eat that much," Hahn says. "But, at dinner I'd eat a big meal, then cookies, chocolate and any other thing that I wanted."

It was an unsuccessful date that he says turned things around for him. "During the date, she was checking this weight-loss app on her iPhone," Hahn remembers.

The app was myfitnesspal, which also can be accessed at

"The date wasn't successful, but I did get something good out of it," Hahn says. "The app makes things really easy. You can keep track of what you're eating and your exercise."

Hahn has chronic high blood pressure and still has to watch his sodium intake.

"But, losing weight has helped me," Hahn says. "I also feel a lot better mentally and physically. I don't have that big gut that I was carrying around for years."

DIET Breakfast is a high-fiber cereal with a banana and crushed flaxseed and a cup of coffee. Lunch is a sandwich and fruit or a Healthy Choice meal. Dinner is a burger, if he has enough allotted calories from his program left. Or, if he's short on allotted calories, dinner may be a salad or steamed vegetables. And, he drinks a lot of water.

"I find that when I run out of calories, I'm not really that hungry," says Hahn, who eats 1,800 calories a day. "I also try to save enough calories for a couple of beers on the weekend."

EXERCISE He walks and gardens. "I'm not a big fan of exercise," says Hahn, who has a pedometer and walks about two miles a day at work. "I also like to go out dancing."

ADVICE "Everything has a price, and you have to keep track of the cost," Hahn says of what he eats. "You should put your body on a budget."


Kenny Hahn


58, Central Islip

Occupation Works for the Town of Islip

Height 5-foot-10

210 before March 2012

187 after June 2012