Good Evening
Good Evening

Easy ways to get toxins out of your life

Get your year off to a perfect start. Live younger and happier with these easy strategies for removing irritants and toxins from your life (except your boss or mother-in-law).

1. YOUR BATHROOM Use a water purifier, not only for drinking water but also for your shower: Chlorine can dry out hair and skin.

2. YOUR/HER CLOSET High heels are the most destructive piece of clothing women can own. Yes, we are telling you to buy more shoes! This time, look for a big toe box (no pointy stuff) and heels less than 2 inches high. For everyone: Even sneakers need to be comfortable. Try shoes on in the late afternoon, and test at least five pairs.

3. YOUR AIR Replace your air filters to make sure you're breathing the best air you can get.

4. YOUR MIND At your desk (behind closed doors), in the bathroom or in your car, spend five minutes humming the word "yummmmmmmm." This will help clear your mind, de-stress and start thinking of what's important in life beyond making the kids' lunches.

5. YOUR BODY Lessening the load on your liver - your body's filtration system - doesn't require fasting or a crazy diet. It means choosing unrefined and unprocessed foods over the ones that spend more time in a factory than in the earth (fruit over Froot Loops). Pick proteins like lentils, soy, beans, nuts and seeds over red meats and their animal fats to avoid the toxins those animals were exposed to.