DIETING WITH MY DOG: One Busy Life, Two Full Figures . . . and Unconditional Love, by Peggy Frezon. Hubble & Hattie, 107 pp., $19.95.

I'm a sucker for dog photos, YouTube dog videos, dog books. A combo dog-and-weight-loss story (with adorable photos)? Irresistible.

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Frezon, tells a charming true-life tale of her journey to health with Kelly, a rescue spaniel with pound problems. "Let's face it," Frezon writes, introducing her pooch, "her butt was too big." Frezon's physician warns her that, at 50 pounds overweight, her high blood pressure and high cholesterol put her at risk like her father, who died of a heart attack at 55. The vet diagnoses similar risks for corpulent Kelly.

THE SCOOP "I'd searched for the magic solution to make it all happen," Frezon concedes, "when really it required just one step: obedience."

BOTTOM LINE Step by step, the human-canine duo learns to walk, swap junk for good snacks, deal with stress without searching the fridge.