SMART CHEFS STAY SLIM: Lessons in Eating and Living from America's Best Chefs, by Allison Adato. New American Library, 292 pp., $25.95.

Adato, a senior editor at People, wondered how the celebrity chefs she covered stay slim -- or lose weight, despite proximity to foie gras. So she asked, and more than three dozen world-famous "Jedi masters of the kitchen" responded.

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France's Légion d'Honneur recipient Eric Ripert, co-owner-chef at Manhattan's Le Bernardin, is "flummoxed" when asked about his guilty pleasures: "Feeling guilty about eating is an American idea." Chicago's Mexican cuisine expert Rick Bayless says, "The more you're around good food and appreciate it, the less you have to have to be satisfied." Thomas Keller, of Manhattan's Per Se, advises "finishing a dish at the height of that flavor impact." (Translation: Stop eating after a few bites.)

THE SCOOP You'll learn to become a picky eater, to "always have garlic handy," to "eat big flavors."

THE BOTTOM LINE There's a bonus: recipes to try at home. If only there were photographs.