THE 17 DAY DIET COOKBOOK: 80 All New Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss, by Dr. Mike Moreno. Free Press, 198 pp., $26.00.

"Dr. Mike," a San Diego family medical practitioner who motivates his patients by leading walks twice weekly, is a phenomenon.

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Traditional publishers wooed him after he successfully self-published "The 17 Day Diet" -- and now the book has been on bestseller lists for more than a year. He's since published a workbook, and more.

Here comes the cookbook.

Moreno writes that the diet "is the best thing since the sliced bread you'll give up (but only for the first 2 cycles)."

THE SCOOP The recipes adhere to Moreno's 17-day cycles. From "Snappy Eggs" (baked eggs and salsa) in the first cycle to "Banana Chocolate Smoothie" in the third, they can all be made in less than 30 minutes.

THE BOTTOM LINE Even noncooks might enjoy trying something like "Broiled Miso-Glazed Salmon." One thing the book lacks: nutrition information.