THE WOMEN'S HEALTH DIET: 27 Days to Sculpted Abs, Hotter Curves & a Sexier, Healthier You!, by Stephen Perrine, with Leah Flickinger and the editors of Women's Health. Rodale, 312 pp., $25.99.

If you think 27 days is just too long to get to "a sexier, healthier you!," you'll find "10 Tips That Can Change Your Life in 10 Seconds Or Less" -- in the introduction, no less. Then, see scattered "hot tips" and "Super-Quick Health Fixes" (like snacking on nuts or some avocado before a meal or drinking chocolate milk after a workout). Sign me up.

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THE SCOOP Follow the Secrets of the Slim, including: Eat protein with every meal and snack; eat breakfast; eat it if it grows on a tree. Best of all, this diet doesn't want you to starve. You'll eat protein, legumes, nuts and seeds -- and even bacon and eggs for breakfast.

THE BOTTOM LINE This humorous, easily digestible book is also savvy with its science. It includes meal and workout plans, of course, as well as "The 250 Best Foods for Women."