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Good Morning

Holiday foods that won't put on extra pounds

If you've got the spirit, go ahead and celebrate. Some holiday foods can, in fact, leave you healthier and trimmer come Jan. 1. Reach for these:

1 Roasted nuts The healthy fat in about six walnut halves will trigger a chain reaction that slows the rate at which your stomach empties. The result: You'll feel satisfied and less likely to go on an all-night prowl around the dessert station.

2 Chocolate Go for the best stuff you can find, and just a little will satisfy you. Make it as dark as you can take it - the healthiest chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa (at least 70 percent) and doesn't contain milk fat or solids.

3 Pomegranates Bursting with flavorful little seeds, a whole fruit weighs in at about 200 calories and holds 11 grams of fill-you-up fiber and 5 grams of protein. If that's not enough, this fruit may decrease blood sugar levels, keep blood pressure down and maybe even fight aging inflammation in your body.

4 Cranberries Mix dried cranberries into your granola or with walnuts or mix into a green salad. You can top fish with fresh cranberry relish, and spread cranberry sauce on a sandwich. In addition to zingy flavor, you'll give yourself a reduced risk of heart disease and maybe protection from cancer.

5 Clementines Bet you can't eat just one of these candy-sweet little fruits. Even better: At 35 calories apiece, there's no need to limit yourself.