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Kickboxing helps Mastic’s Daniel Polizzi drop the pounds

Danny Polizzi, 34, of Mastic, at left in

Danny Polizzi, 34, of Mastic, at left in November 2016 when he weighed 215 pounds, and after his 35-pound weight loss. Credit: Toni Marie Toriano; Newsday / John Paraskevas

Daniel Polizzi

34, Mastic

Occupation Food service worker

Height 5-foot-3

Before 215 pounds, November 2016

After 180 pounds, June 2018

Daniel Polizzi says he’s always been overweight. At his heaviest, he was close to 240 pounds. “I’ve tried losing weight in the past, mostly exercising on a treadmill and trying to eat better,” he says.

When Chris Cope at Unique Fitness Xtreme in Shirley, where Polizzi used a treadmill, saw Polizzi wasn’t getting results, he approached him.

“One day I got him off the treadmill and said, ‘You’re going to start training kickboxing with us.’ Since then it’s really changed him for the better. He has dropped a lot of weight, and he loves doing the sport,” says Cope. Polizzi agrees. “I loved it from the first day. I knew it was for me and decided to sign up for more,” he says. In addition to taking three classes a week, he practices regularly and recently started sparring sessions.

“I started eating better because I saw I was losing weight with the kickboxing. And I’m going to stick with it this time. I haven’t bought new clothes yet and my pants are really big. I needed to punch a new hole in my belt,” says Polizzi.

Polizzi has a protein shake for breakfast and often a single slice of pizza for lunch. Dinner can be turkey, fish or chicken with mixed vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. He does not snack between meals and only once in a while has a cookie after dinner.

Polizzi takes a one-hour kickboxing classes three times a week that involves kicking, punching and self-defense moves. He spars with a partner twice a week.

“Give kickboxing a try. It’s a great workout and you sweat a lot, but I feel good. I love it.”