Long Island cancer patients go online

Bonnie MulieriFor one Holbrook mother, hope comes in

Bonnie Mulieri

For one Holbrook mother, hope comes in writing.

“I’m cried out. I think. I want Gina fixed. No more cancer. I’m done — I’m tired and I’m cried-out,” Bonnie Mulieri wrote in March. Her daughter Gina, 11, has been suffering from brain tumors since she was 7.

A mother of six, Mulieri began blogging about her family’s experience in January 2008, the first time Gina’s tumors grew back after intensive chemotherapy. “I just laid it out and by the end of the page I had convinced myself through what I was writing that maybe there was hope still,” she said.

Gina has relapsed a two times or three times since. “The blog keeps me centered,” Mulieri, 41, said. “It allows me to express my feelings about what’s going on with her, my frustrations — the happiness, the sadness.”

Her blog, “NoEvidenceOfStinkinTumors,” is kept on, a nonprofit that hosts free sites for families with serious health issues.

“This blog keeps our feet on the ground . . . and keeps our spirits up,” she said. “I hope my readers feel a little better at the end of the day after reading what I’ve been going through.”

Meanwhile, Gina remains positive through her thinking. “I could climb to the tallest mountain and scream, just scream, but it won’t change anything,” Gina said. “You just got to believe. You can get through anything, just believe.” Photo Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

Cancer patients cope with their illnesses through the Internet....

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