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Long Island woman gets Instagram fame with weight loss

From left, Brittany Carboy is pictured in January

From left, Brittany Carboy is pictured in January 2014 weighing about 220 pounds and in February 2016 at 167 pounds. The 26-year-old North Bellmore resident has chronicled her weight loss on Instagram, where she now has 36,500 followers. Credit: Roseann Carboy; Alex Horvath

Brittany Carboy

26, North Bellmore

Occupation Law firm receptionist

Height 5’6”

Before 217, January 2014

After 163, February 2016

Her Story

Brittany Carboy’s weight-loss journey turned into something completely different from what she thought it would be. She says her weight gain started in her teenage years. In her early 20s, she says, she felt unhappy and depressed. “I thought the only way to feel better was to eat and drink,” Carboy says. “I feel like I woke up one day and out of nowhere was 223 pounds. I looked at my life, and realized it was not how I wanted to live.” She says she felt intimidated by a gym. Instead of going it alone, she went online and found a personal trainer in October 2014, losing about 60 pounds. The workouts alone, she says, were empowering and made her want to eat better. “Losing 60 pounds was my goal, and I’ve done that. But I have more goals that are not weight-specific . . . I’m more focused now on toning, feeling good and being healthy.”

Carboy started documenting her physical change through photos on HealthB_brittany, an Instagram account, which has 36,500 followers. “I started it to find motivation for me but then decided to be open with my progress. The more confident I became, the more I opened up, the more people connected. The support is incredible.” Carboy started out only wanting to look better. “I never thought I would gain self-confidence and self-respect. It’s so much more than I ever thought it would be.”

Her Diet

Breakfast can be an egg and egg-white omelet with “a ton of vegetables” and a side of oatmeal with some peanut butter. Lunch can be a turkey burger on an English muffin with peppers, carrots and avocado. Dinner can be a whole-wheat wrap with chicken, vegetables, salsa and avocado or roast chicken or meatloaf with a sweet potato, veggies and avocado. She snacks on a pear or apple midmorning and later has a banana and almonds or a protein bar.

Her Exercise

Carboy sees her personal trainer twice a week for 30 minutes and does a full-body workout with weights or equipment. She does cardio training six days a week, on a treadmill or by kickboxing.

Her Advice

“Be patient. Everyone wants to skip the struggle, but it’s what makes the victory that much better. And most important: Don’t give up.”