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Mom films teen’s ‘sassy’ dialogue after wisdom teeth removal


A video of Maria Pascarella, 16, of West Islip, groggy and goofy after having her wisdom teeth removed, has been viewed on Facebook more than 14 million times. We speak with her mother, Marianna Pascarella, 42, who recorded the video. Credit: YouTube / Marianna Pascarella

When Maria Pascarella, 16, woke up from having her wisdom teeth removed, she had no idea that millions of people would witness her comical ordeal.

“She was sassy even under anesthesia,” said Marianna Pascarella of West Islip, whose video of her daughter waking up after having her wisdom teeth removed has been viewed 14 million times on Facebook.

Pascarella, 42, posted the video of her daughter after the teen had four wisdom teeth pulled at Good Samaritan Hospital in December. The 2-minute clip shows the groggy girl worrying that her tongue has fallen out of her mouth and later arguing with her mother — while dramatically rolling her eyes — about whether or not her cheek was removed during the procedure.

“That was my favorite part, the eye roll,” said Pascarella. “I showed Maria afterward and told her, this is what you look like when you disagree with me.”

Pascarella said she “never in a million years” thought the video, which has been liked by 96,000 people and shared hundreds of thousands of times, would be so popular.

For her part, Maria has been a good sport and even posted the video onto her Twitter account, her mother said.

“It’s in Maria’s personality to want to make people laugh, to make people happy. She just said to me, ‘If it makes people smile, then why not put it out there?’ ” Pascarella said.

The video seems to have served just that purpose. In addition to the likes and views, it has more than 42,000 comments that are continuing to roll in weeks after it was posted. In many of them, users recall similar experiences with wisdom tooth removal.

“I loved this reminded me of when my girls had theirs pulled. So funny,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Best and most genuinely funny wisdom teeth video out there!!!” wrote another user. “Hope your tongue and cheek all all [sic] back where they belong, sweet girl!”