MONEY RULES: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security,

by Jean Chatzky. Rodale, 114 pp., $12.99.

When is a book about money a book about health? If you worry about how to make it, spend it, "grow" it (or pay down growing debt), you're worrying. Which leads to stress. Which can lead to health problems.

This compact guide by Chatzky, author and financial editor for NBC's "Today" show, could be the tonic you need.

It's divided into seven sections: Make Money, Save Money, Avoid (Most) Debt, Spend Wisely, Invest for Tomorrow, Cover Your Assets and Do's and Don'ts.

THE SCOOP Some advice is obvious (your mom told you to "Live below your means"). Some is less so: "You will spend more with credit than with debit and more with debit than with cash."

THE BOTTOM LINE "The bottom line is the only line that matters": Don't forget to add fees, sales tax, interest and so on to the cost of that car, house or investment.

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