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My Fitness Pal, visualization help Medford man drop 54 lbs.

Angelo Esposito of Medford is pictured in May

Angelo Esposito of Medford is pictured in May 2016, when he weighed about 248 pounds, and in a more recent photo. Photo Credit: Angelo Esposito / Chris Ware

Angelo D’Esposito, 49, of Medford, lost 54 pounds, and now weighs 204 pounds.


D’Esposito had several factors working against his health. A history of obesity, diabetes and heart disease is on both sides of his family. He’s a smoker and had a habit of late-night eating. “I’ve been up and down over the course of my life. Usually never higher than 230 pounds or less than 195 pounds,” he said.

The Medford resident is also a cancer survivor. January of this year was his 5-year anniversary of being cancer free. He remembered thinking that although he beat cancer he still wasn’t healthy. “I was overweight, smoking and not active, but I also knew I could do something about it.” He started dieting on his own, but weight loss came slowly. Working two jobs, he said, he didn’t have the energy or time to exercise. Consequently, he shed only 10 pounds between January and April. He cut back his hours at one job to free up time for exercising and started using My Fitness Pal, a smartphone app that tracks activity and calories. He upped use of his elliptical machine from twice a week to four to five times a week. The first month of his stepped-up plan, he lost 13 pounds. Now down almost 55 pounds, D’Esposito loves the results. He says his desk chair is comfortable and no longer snug, and he has given away his “fat” clothes. He says he’ll make certain the weight loss sticks this time, and plans to quit smoking through acupuncture or other means once he’s under 200 pounds.


D’Esposito starts his day with a Slim-Fast shake, a banana, belVita breakfast biscuits and coffee. Lunch can be yogurt and a green salad with lean meat. He keeps dinner light and usually has just vegetables and sometimes an ounce of pasta. He snacks during the day on radishes, celery, carrots or yogurt. D’Esposito doesn’t avoid dessert and has a small portion of a Hershey chocolate bar or ice cream.


He uses an elliptical machine for 30 minutes four to five times a week and takes advantage of the equipment’s preset programs designed to burn 400, 450 or 500 calories. Twice a week he bikes for 3.8 miles and walks/runs 3.1 miles on a treadmill.


“Visualize yourself as a thin person. If you see it, you can be it. Don’t let anybody or anything prevent you from what you want to achieve.”

Angelo D’Esposito

49, Medford

Occupation Licensed social worker, EAP specialist

Height 5-foot-9

Before: 258 pounds, January 2016

After: 204 pounds, December 2016


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