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Nutrisystem, kickboxing help Center Moriches man drop 55 lbs.

Daniel Navas, 19, of Center Moriches, at left

Daniel Navas, 19, of Center Moriches, at left in January 2017 when he weighed 287 pounds, and after his 55-pound weight loss. Credit: Irene Navas; Newsday / Steve Pfost

Anthony Navas

19, Center Moriches

Occupation Security guard

Height 6-foot-2

Before 287 pounds, April 2017

After 232 pounds, June 2018

Anthony Navas says his family history of weight-related health issues was underscored by the death of his grandfather at age 47 from a heart attack (which prompted Navas’ own father to have weight-loss surgery when he was nearing that age).

Navas, who always loved food and was chubby as a kid, says a few things happened that got his attention. He figured out the reason he wasn’t getting the playing time he wanted in his college lacrosse games was his weight. It impeded his running, and he wasn’t happy about it. Then he stepped on the scale.

“When I saw I weighed 287 pounds, I felt like it all came crashing down,” says Navas. He made immediate changes such as upping his gym activity, taking two to three kickboxing classes a week and eliminating fast food, soda and energy drinks from his diet. He lost 27 pounds and says he was feeling good.

As part of a New Year’s resolution when his weight stalled at 255 pounds, he gave Nutrisystem a try from January to April and knocked off another 27 pounds.

“Everything is so much better. I have a better self-image, and I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years,” he says.

Navas says meal prep is critically important. For breakfast he usually has two eggs over easy with pepper — no salt, no ketchup anymore. He likes Cuban espresso and switched from using vanilla-flavored creamer to almond milk, saving significant calories. Lunch is grilled chicken or tuna salad with a green salad. He drinks a protein shake midmorning. Dinner is usually a larger portion of protein with a non-starchy vegetable such as broccoli, spinach, cauliflower or carrots — and always a green salad. Once in a while, he has a dark chocolate Hershey bar for sweetness.

Navas is at the gym six days a week. He works on weight machines and free weights and changes his routine every three weeks. Three or four days a week he does 30 minutes of cardio.

“Look in the mirror and decide what you want to be. No one is going to do it for you. But support is important. I wouldn’t have been able to this without the support of my family.”


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