Jennifer Holgerson can prove her claim that she was a yo-yo dieter.

“My clothes closet has size zero to size 14 in it,” she says. “I never did anything that was a sustainable lifestyle. It was always a crash diet.” And she never exercised.

All of that changed after the birth of her second daughter when she says she weighed 204 pounds and thought, “How could that be possible?” She reached out to a friend who had lost weight and decided to try the same program, Isagenix.

Holgerson began in November 2013 on the company’s system of protein shakes, weight loss supplements, and diet snacks and meals. She also became very physically active (she has since become certified in personal training). She dropped 20 pounds the first month.

“You really have to work. It doesn’t come flying off. You have to commit,” says Holgerson. She also fasts once a month for two consecutive days, consuming Isagenix cleansing products. She has reached and maintained her goal weight. Holgerson became so inspired by her own success that she now coaches others on her nutritional balancing program.

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Breakfast can be a protein shake. Lunch is a green salad with grilled chicken, avocado and lots of vegetables. For dinner Holgerson will have either salmon or chicken with brown rice and a vegetable. She snacks on a handful of almonds, a hard-boiled egg or a sliced cucumber with a little hummus.


Holgerson works out five days a week leading a group of Long Island mothers with either a boot camp, spin class or outdoor runs. She adds hot yoga once a week.


“You have to understand that it’s a lifestyle change. Dieting doesn’t work. Changing your daily habits to include a well-balanced diet, exercise and a focus on overall health does work.”