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Sea snail emerges from California boy Paul Franklin's scratched knee, report says

A screen grab from the CBS report shows

A screen grab from the CBS report shows 4-year-old Paul Franklin inspecting a sea snail that had been growing inside of his knee. Credit: CBS News

A child trips, falls, and scratches his knee.

It's a scenario that countless parents have dealt with, carefully cleaning, bandaging and kissing the injury, magically imparting the healing powers especially reserved for mommies and daddies.

And though that's what the parents of 4-year-old Paul Franklin, of Aliso Viejo, Calif., did when their son scraped his knee on a family trip to the beach, a recent story from CBS explained why the wound did not get any better.

When doctors visits and prescriptions for antibiotics seemed to do little to help, the report says the tot's mom decided to drain the wound herself.

What she found, both gross and incredible, was a tiny sea snail that had been growing in her son's knee.

We're sure that is one surprise that would test the stomach of even the most seasoned parent.

What would you do if your child had a tiny creature growing inside of them? Let us know in the comments field below.