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Study: 1 dose of HPV vaccine may be enough

Just one dose of a human papillomavirus vaccine may be enough to provide long-term protection against cervical cancer in women, a new study suggests.

The HPV vaccine is currently recommended as a three-dose series, but doctors have found it difficult to finish out the series for many girls.

Researchers discovered active human papillomavirus antibodies in Costa Rican women four years after they had received only one dose of Cervarix, a vaccine that protects against two HPV strains.

The study also found that women who received two doses six months apart appeared to have just as much antibody protection against HPV as those who received three doses.

The study was published in the November issue of Cancer Prevention Research.

U.S. rates of HPV vaccination are low. The impact of having to get only one or two doses of the vaccine would be felt most in developing countries, where cervical cancer death rates are higher but high cost makes it difficult to protect all women.-- HealthDay