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UrgentRx: An entirely new take on OTC medications

A new line of OTC drugs, sold in

A new line of OTC drugs, sold in powder form, UrgentRx provides fast relief to a wide variety of ailments. Photo Credit: Handout

For as long as he can remember, Jordan Eisenberg’s father carried aspirin tablets wrapped in cellophane in his wallet as a preventive measure for heart attacks.

As an adult, Eisenberg, 31, picked up on the habit, packaging antihistamines (to combat his allergy to most raw fruits and vegetables) rather than aspirin.

The only problem, Eisenberg said, was sitting down.

“For years .?.?. when I wasn’t carrying an EpiPen, I was carrying Benadryl pills literally wrapped in cellophane in my wallet,” said Eisenberg, continuing, “I would sit on my wallet and the pills would get crushed or they would fall out .?.?. it wasn’t really a good option.”

Looking for a better way to conveniently carry over-the-counter medication at all times, Eisenberg invented UrgentRx, sealed wallet-sized packages of powdered medication. Currently, UrgentRx is available as remedies to headache, heartburn, aches and pains, allergy attacks, upset stomach and as critical-care aspirin.

Because UrgentRx is simply a different application of approved OTC drugs, it does not need separate approval from the Federal Drug Administration, an FDA representative said.

In addition to carrying convenience, the powder, which does not require water to be consumed, actually provides faster relief than traditional pills, said Eisenberg, an entrepreneur from Colorado.

“It works about 2 and a halftimes faster than a pill because it’s a powder that gets absorbed sublingually, and doesn’t need liquid,” he said.

But what about the taste? Well, Eisenberg and his team, a mix of industry execs and a cardiac specialist, thought of a fix for that as well.

“We found a contract flavoring lab, which is one of the major flavor and fragrance houses out there, and worked with them to overcome how bad OTC drugs taste,” he said.

There are six different formulations that “mask that negative taste as well as actually make it taste good,” like medical Pixy Stix, Eisenberg said.

UrgentRx is currently available through online vendors such as Amazon as well as in-store at Duane Reade, select Walmart locations and will soon be available in CVS and Rite Aid locations nationwide, Eisenberg said. In the future, he envisions a “spice rack” of OTC drugs at checkout counters everywhere.


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