Weight wasn’t a problem for Lori Rivera, 54, of Levittown, until after her second pregnancy in 1991. She couldn’t seem to lose the extra weight despite going to Weight Watchers. “I learned the hard way that it’s really important to attend the meetings, something I didn’t do then,” says Rivera.

Earlier this year after a hysterectomy, Rivera thought she should continue her way back to good health by losing weight. “I knew I needed to be healthy for my family and me,” she said.

She returned to Weight Watchers and did it right this time. “I feel so much better. I used to be so tired all the time. My blood pressure is fantastic now and I’ve been off that medication for two months. I’m in a better mind frame in general.”

Rivera would like to get down to 160 pounds and plans to stick with her program. “It feels good being positive,” she said, “and I seem to be inspiring others so that makes me happy.”


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Breakfast is usually an egg, a slice of toast and fruit. Lunch can be a tuna sandwich that Rivera bulks up with carrots, celery and lettuce. “I make it a fat sandwich, which gives me some satisfaction,” she says. Dinner is usually chicken, fish or a meat with vegetables and fruit. She snacks on fruit and salt-free mixed nuts.


Rivera wears a step counter and gets in about 20,000 steps daily. She walks 3 miles every day at Eisenhower Park and attends a Zumba class once a week. She sings with a Sweet Adelines group once a week and has noticed improved air power, energy and stamina since losing weight.


“Don’t give up. Keep going. Keep moving even if it’s a little each day. You’ll have more energy and feel better.”