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Weight Watchers, Huntington boot camp help LI woman lose weight

Amy Fleischer, 54, of Huntington Station, is pictured

Amy Fleischer, 54, of Huntington Station, is pictured in June 2015, when she weighed about 252 pounds, and in a more recent photo, showing off her 85 pound weight loss. Credit: Fleischer family / John Paraskrvas

Amy Fleischer

54, Huntington Station

Occupation Personal trainer

Height 5-foot-4

Before June 2015: 252

After July 2016: 167

Her story

Fleischer says her weight battle was lifelong. She lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers in 1993, but her mom died shortly after. Her healthy habits faded to the background when her priorities shifted to caring for her dad.

Fast forward to June 2015, a low point for Fleischer. She was overweight and depressed. Family members were concerned about her health, and she was in pain, needing hip replacement surgery. “I was miserable, unsocial and knew I had to do something,” Fleischer said. Her best friend recommended she join a group, maybe a book club. Fleischer liked the idea but opted for a Weight Watchers group, something she was familiar with. She was stunned that her weigh-in weight was 252 pounds but wasn’t deterred and steadily lost 10 pounds each month.

What she lost in weight she gained in confidence. “You’re doing something. You’re taking control. And it was a great time of year, too, with the fresh food at farmers markets,” says Fleischer. She hovered for a month over an ad on Facebook for a fit body boot camp, talking to the owner, exploring the website and reading the review comments. She finally took the plunge.

“I sweated my butt off that first day, but got through it and couldn’t wait to go back,” Fleischer says. She’s fully committed to the boot-camp method (an intense and rapid series of exercises such as squats, lunges, lifts, sit-ups or sprints) and became certified as a trainer.

She now supervises two gyms. “I will always stay healthy,” she says. “This is my life and my job now.”

Fleischer wants to lose another 15 pounds to bring her weight loss to an even 100 pounds. She no longer has hip pain.

Her diet

Fleischer has a banana with almond or cashew butter for breakfast before a workout. For lunch, she usually has two or three scrambled or hard-boiled eggs with vegetables such as avocado or leftover grilled vegetables or a 2.2-ounce can of tuna with mashed avocado (instead of mayonnaise). Dinner can be stir-fry shrimp with vegetables or grilled fish or chicken and vegetables. She snacks on almonds, cashews, almond butter on sprouted grain bread or small portions of chicken and vegetables. She drinks hot water with lemon during the day.

Her exercise

Fleischer does a 35-minute boot camp session five to six days a week.

Her advice

“Surround yourself with good people and celebrate your little victories.”


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