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Weight Watchers, running help Rockville Centre woman lose weight

Susan Ledlie, 60, of Rockville Centre, is pictured

Susan Ledlie, 60, of Rockville Centre, is pictured in October 2012, when she weighed about 187 pounds, and in a more recent photo, showing off her 50 pound weight loss. Credit: Bob Ledlie / John Paraskevas

Susan Ledlie

60, Rockville Centre

Occupation Pediatric nurse practitioner

Height 5-foot-7

Before 187, May 2014

Current 135, June 2016

Her story

About 32 years ago, Ledlie lost 37 pounds on Weight Watchers. “When you’re 28, Weight Watchers by itself works. You don’t need a gym.” But Ledlie says, “Then life took over, menopause happened and the weight crept back,” and she discovered that weight no longer came off just by dieting. “You have to get moving.”

She always thought if you look fat in pictures, you probably are, and she came to that conclusion about herself while looking at pictures from a wedding in May 2014. She and a friend headed to Weight Watchers almost the next day. They were devoted meeting-goers, not missing a meeting over more than a year. Ledlie reached her goal in five months. She has since achieved “lifetime” status (which happens after reaching goal weight and successfully completing a prescribed maintenance phase). But she also went on to discover a new passion — running. After a friend ran a 5K race, Ledlie thought she’d give it a try and went to the Long Beach boardwalk, where she would dare herself to run lamppost lengths — first the distance between three lampposts, then five and so on. “I caught the running bug there.” She has gone on to complete several organized runs and begins training for the New York City Marathon this month.

Her diet

On non-running days, Ledlie has Greek yogurt and berries, a hard-boiled egg and coffee for breakfast. Lunch is usually a salad with a protein like feta cheese, fish or shrimp. Dinner is chicken, fish, or red meat and vegetables and a salad. On running days, she adds carbs and protein. Ledlie snacks on fruit and tracks everything she consumes, including cocktails, strawberry rhubarb pie or a hamburger with fries. “I never felt deprived. That’s the Weight Watchers program. Plus the lecturers are great,” says Ledlie.

Her exercise

Ledlie runs 22 to 24 miles a week (which will gradually increase to 51 to 54 miles in preparation for the marathon Nov. 6). She attends both a Pilates class and a spin class weekly.

Her advice

“Doing both weight loss and running with a friend is what made this work for me along with the support of lecturers, my husband and my daughter. Also, I had a visual of where I wanted to be. You have to see yourself at your goal and work back to it. You can’t do it alone. You need a team.”


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