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Hempstead code enforcer fined $500

A Hempstead Town code enforcement officer who was suspended

for 60 days last year for illegally maintaining a two-family rental in

Franklin Square was fined $500 in district court.

Stephen Centore, a 22-year town employee, pleaded guilty to illegal use of

a single-family home on Tuesday. He has also brought the house into compliance

with town code by removing a tenant who was there illegally and taking out a

second kitchen, officials said.

The other summonses that had been issued to Centore - performing

construction and plumbing without a permit and failure to live at the premises

- were dismissed as part of the plea deal.

The town suspended Centore for 60 days in May, but an arbitrator reduced

the penalty to 30 days after a hearing.

As part of his job duties, Centore inspects public places and could cite a

property owner for illegal use, town officials said.

Centore, who earns $92,236, could not be reached for comment.

In 1991, the town zoning board granted the former owners of the house at

206 Courthouse Rd. approval to operate a two-family home - provided the owner

live there and renew the variance every five years.

Town officials learned during an inspection that Centore, 50, never renewed

the zoning permits, and property records showed his home address listed on

nearby Doughty Road in Franklin Square.

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