BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Hungary's leader railed yesterday at Germany and EU leaders for lacking urgency in dealing with Europe's migrant crisis as chaos reigned back home, where migrants by the hundreds dashed into Budapest's main train station after police stopped blocking its entrance.

In a swirl of confusion, the migrants piled into trains at the Keleti station in the Hungarian capital despite announcements that there was no service to Western Europe. Hungary's railway company said it had suspended all direct trains from the Hungarian capital to western destinations "in the interests of railway transport security." Police later peacefully cleared roughly 900 migrants from one train. Another train then left with migrants, stopping in the town of Bicske, 22 miles west of Budapest, where one of Hungary's refugee camps is located. Scuffles between police and migrants then broke out at the Bicske station, as migrants refused to go to the camp.

The question of how to defuse the human gridlock in Hungary was being debated yesterday in Brussels at a meeting between EU leaders and Hungary's anti-immigrant prime minister, Viktor Orban. Hungary, which for months did little to prevent applicants from heading west after short bureaucratic delays, now says it won't let more migrants deeper into the European Union.

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Orban blamed Germany and confirmed his government's plan to send up to 3,500 troops to Hungary's southern border with Serbia, stepping up efforts to stop as many migrants as possible from entering the country.

The migrant "problem is not a European problem, the problem is a German problem, nobody would like to stay in Hungary," Orban said. "All of them would like to go to Germany."