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Imus sidekick booted, too

Bernard McGuirk, the long-time producer for Don Imus'

recently canceled morning radio show, joined him yesterday in being let go by

CBS Radio and WFAN, the station's operations director, Mark Chernoff, said late


Imus was fired on Friday. McGuirk had been suspended from the station but

now officially has been removed altogether.

McGuirk long was the Imus show cast member most apt to use humor

insensitive to women or racial and religious groups, often with Imus acting

shocked and appalled afterward.

The formula changed on the morning of April 4, when McGuirk called the

Rutgers women's basketball team "hardcore hos" and Imus followed by calling the

players "nappy-headed hos."

The station did not use the term "fired," instead saying McGuirk "no longer

is with the radio station." Both Imus and McGuirk presumably would fight being

fired for cause by arguing the events of April 4 were in keeping with the

show's tone over many years.

Meanwhile, a majority of Americans who followed radio host Don Imus' firing

over racist and sexist remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team

believe his punishment was appropriate, but whites were twice as likely as

blacks to think his punishment was too tough, according to a survey released

yesterday, The Associated Press reported. Among those Americans who had heard

"a little" or "a lot" about the Imus story, 54 percent said the host's removal

was about right. Thirty-two percent said it was too tough, and 8 percent said

it was not tough enough, according to the survey by the Pew Research Center for

The People and The Press.

Majorities of both blacks and whites - 54 percent of whites and 61 percent

of blacks - agreed with Imus' punishment. But 35 percent of whites and 18

percent of blacks said it was too tough.

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