Newsday has launched a brand-new redesign of our mobile app to bring our readers the best of our content with more ways to customize the experience to each person's needs.

Upgrade today to set personalized alert preferences, get news and information from any community you like, and to customize what sections you see as you navigate through the app.

You will also see enhanced traffic and weather pages, an improved experience with our downloadable paper, and the ability to share photos with us from your own social accounts.

The upgrade is available for all iOS 8 and above users of Apple devices and Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on phones or 10-inch tablets. An upgrade for Kindle and 7-inch android tablets will be coming shortly.

As part of the upgrade we are switching all our platforms over to Facebook commenting. In order to continue commenting on our apps you must upgrade to the newly redesigned app.

Thanks for making Newsday your go-to source for news from Long Island and beyond, and let us know what you think!

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More Newsday

Find more photo and video content, as well as quizzes and interactive projects, spread throughout every section of the Newsday app. Access puzzles and games, obituaries, classifieds and more of your favorite content from the Newsday website in our section navigation.

Personalized alerts

Get a more personalized alert experience by choosing the types of alerts you want to receive, such as breaking news, sports, business, opinion, weather and traffic. Alerts will also open specific stories rather than sending you to the Top Stories page.

Customizable sections

Our redesigned navigation menu lets you customize which sections you want to see and the order you see them in, and you can even add custom news sections for news and information in any community on Long Island. You can also swipe left and right to access all of your sections instead of opening them all from the menu.

Enhanced traffic section

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Our new traffic map lets you see up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, plus you can use it to find the fastest route between any two locations in New York and New Jersey. You can save your favorite routes and see live traffic cameras, gas stations and any traffic jams along the way. You can also report traffic accidents or construction you see to share with other drivers.

Enhanced weather page

Our new weather map can be easily customized to show you a variety of weather conditions on Long Island and around the world. It also has a future cast that shows you what the next six hours look like and lets you easily track rain, snow and storms. You can save up to 10 locations for quick reference.

Downloadable paper

Access our enhanced digital edition and save pages or entire editions to your device for offline reading.

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iSend feature to share photos with Newsday

What you share with your friends, you can share seamlessly with us.  Share photos and videos from Facebook or Instagram by connecting your accounts to our iSend feature and help keep Long Island informed.

Sports scores

You can now view full stats from all of your favorite pro or high school sports teams on the scores pages, and see all upcoming games.

Facebook comments

Discuss the news with your friends and connections on Facebook, without having to leave Newsday to do it.