BEST FOR: Ages 2 and up

"What Is Thanksgiving?" (Candy Cane Press; $6.99) by Michelle Medlock Adams, Amy Wummer (Illustrator): This fun, rhyming read helps little ones understand there is more to Thanksgiving than "yummy food and grand parades." It teaches kids that the holiday is about showing gratitude for all they have.

BEST FOR: Ages 5 and up

"Thanksgiving Rules"

(Carolrhoda Books, $16.95) by Laurie Friedman, Teresa Murfin (Illustrator): Percy Isaac Gifford is back with 10 simple rules for Thanksgiving. He wants you to get the most out of this holiday -- which means eating everything you see! But Percy learns there's more to Thanksgiving than turkey and pumpkin pie.

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BEST FOR: Ages 3 and up

"I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie" (Puffin; $6.99) by Alison Jackson, Judy Schachner (illustrator): Follow along as the old lady swallows a pie and many more traditional Thanksgiving foods in this new twist on a familiar rhyme.

BEST FOR: Ages 5 to 8

"Milly and the Macy's Parade" (Scholastic; $5.99) by Shana Corey, Brett Helquist (illustrator): Milly, a spirited little girl, envisions a way to bring a bit of her family's old-country festivities to their new home in America. This fictional tale is based on the true history of the first Macy's Parade in 1924.

Compiled by Jennifer Berger