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Kidsday: Strat-O-Matic is a big hit

Do you love baseball? I tested the game Strat-O-Matic ( I was able to understand the game and grasp it very easily after my father read the directions and explained them to me. There are three levels of the game: basic, advanced and super advanced. Each adds more challenges.

The game is very realistic and a lot of fun. At any time, on any pitch or roll of dice, anything can happen, from a single, to a home run, to a strikeout, or to a walk with bases loaded. Lastly, there are righty-lefty matchups, and stealing that can make a big difference in this game. It is a game of chance. Just like in real baseball, any team can beat any other team.

I would recommend this game to kids 9 and older. It is fun, competitive and a great way to learn some things about the strategy of baseball. I think this game is appropriate for 9 to adult.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Lego Rock Band really rocks

I tested Lego Rock Band for the XBOX 360 (Harmonix/MTV Games). The recommended age group is E 10+. You get to create your own band. You can customize the Rock Den, which shows you videos of what you have done so far. When you play songs, you get studs. Studs are like money. Studs help you get further in the game so you can complete gigs. There is a crowd meter. If it drops to zero, you lose points. There is a way to get them back. There is a Lego "recovery bar." To refill, hit as many notes as you can. I really enjoyed this game. I loved the fact that the musicians were Lego people. It was fun to create my own band.

Rating: 5 out of 5

- Daniel McKenna, Kidsday Reporter

When shopping is out of control

DEAR KIDSDAY: My problem is I like to shop. Whenever I go shopping I want to get everything. It is hard to control myself. What should I do? Shopper

DEAR SHOPPER: We think you should stay out of the stores. If you do go, try window shopping with friends and leave your money at home. We also wonder where you are getting all your money to shop. If you had to work for it, you could spend it any way you want, but if Mom and Dad are giving it to you, you might be acting careless with their money. Some kids think you should shop and have a plan - just get what you really need.

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