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Letter: Blaming media for Duggars' exposure

The Duggar family is under new investigation by

The Duggar family is under new investigation by Arkansas social services, reports say. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Brendan Hoffman

I object to the column by Cathy Young, who has shown her skill in the fine art of blaming someone else for conservatives' embarrassments ["Duggars a tempting target for liberals," Opinion, June 9].

Young criticizes the "left-of-center" media and points to actress Lena Dunham's disclosures in her book, "Not That Kind of Girl." If Dunham is guilty of the actions as stated, then she is as much in the wrong as Josh Duggar, but that misses the point. Instead of criticizing Duggar and his parents for covering up the events, the bulk of Young's criticism is focused on the media. The issue is the wrongdoing by the Duggars, and no one else.

When then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, then-Rep. Anthony Weiner and then-Assemb. Vito Lopez, all Democrats, violated standards of decency, if not also the law, I saw no lack of criticism of them from across the political spectrum.

It is now Josh Duggar's turn to be subject to public comment. Please don't blame liberals, Democrats or the left-leaning media for his actions.

Robert J. Pollack, Bellmore

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