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LIers react to Farrah Fawcett's death

Michele Novara, 40, Bethpage, secretary

"I did the Farrah Fawcett hairdo and I probably had all the (Charlie's Angels) dolls. . . . I like the power she had (as a woman). . . . It's sad, very sad. I just found out and I remember when I was little, watching her. It was like growing up with her."

Dora Diaz, 40, Islip, homemaker

"That's so sad. I used to watch 'Charlie's Angels.' She was a good actress and just beautiful. . . . I had cancer, so I know it's terrible to suffer from it. The treatment, it's tough, really tough. But now, you're hearing more about cancer than ever before. It seems like it's killing everyone. . . . When I was little, I was thinking, 'I want to be just like her.' She was beautiful. You picture yourself being her."

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Eileen Colarossi, 63, Massapequa, retired

"I watched the (special that aired on TV). She seemed like a genuinely nice person. . . . When I watched the special, it made me think she was a nice person. She's this beautiful movie star, but she was a real person who seemed like she had all these friends."

Steve Martin, 49, Babylon, painter / business owner

"I remember as a kid, I had posters of her on my wall. Oh my God, I was crazy about her. I think she was known most for her hair. . . . I even asked my mom to buy me the Farrah Fawcett shampoo. . . . I feel sorry for her. When I saw the interview, I was crying and I was like, 'I don't know what I'm weeping about.' But I give her so much credit. She was so brave. She fought all the way. All she did was fight. . . . It gave me a lot to think about, and it's just a shame."

Jennifer Galante, 39, Massapequa, homemaker

"I would watch 'Charlie's Angels.' . . . I remember, it was 1982 and I was in the sixth grade and I cut my hair to get the Farrah Fawcett hairdo. . . . I think she was so beautiful. It was very sad. I'm sorry she suffered. She didn't have any privacy, but I hope she got the chance to get married to Ryan O'Neal."

Curtis Powell, 60, Central Islip, barber

"I loved her in 'Charlie's Angels.' . . . She used to be a great model and I liked her as an actor. . . . I tell you, it broke my heart. This guy wanted to marry her and he couldn't because of her condition."

Kandece Evans, 19, Brentwood, SCCC student

"I didn't know that she died. That's shocking. I didn't know her, but my mom watched her stuff, she watched a lot of that stuff. . . . When it first came out that she had cancer, my mom talked to me about it and made sure I knew who she was. . . . I thought she was getting better. I didn't know it was that bad."

Herb Levine, 72, Marlboro, N.J., retired

"She'd been sick for so long that her death was expected. I'm sorry for her. She seemed like a nice person - happy. But it was like we were all waiting for it to happen. She was well-liked. . . . She was pretty big (in the 1970s) - all the Angels were. They were pretty and glamorous."

Steve Herman, 65, Hempstead, retired

"We saw the special. She was very courageous in her battle. She certainly did everything she could do. It was the fight of her life. She was just a courageous woman. Her life was tough."

Compiled by Laura Albanese

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