Barbara Cramer of Smithtown gave her husband, Bud, a very unusual gift when they first began dating. Barbara tells their story. I was attending summer sessions at Hofstra University in July 1957 when I met my future husband, Bud. Students from different classes would congregate on the benches outside the building during breaks. My biology-zoology classmates knew Bud and introduced us one day while we sat outdoors. Bud, 24, lived in Roosevelt and was just out of the Marine Corps. He served as a sergeant in Norfolk, Va. I was 21, lived in Port Washington and was a student at Beaver College (now called Arcadia College) in Glenside, Pa. I was at Hofstra that summer to make up for courses I had missed because of an operation. On Friday afternoons, there were no classes, and a few of us, including Bud, would go to Jones Beach. We enjoyed spending time together, and we began dating. He also took me home to meet his family. A couple of weeks after we met, I invited Bud to sit in on my biology class. The professor said, "Today, we are going to dissect the frog specimen in front of you - they have latex injected in the veins and arteries so you can move these parts around." Bud sat behind me and watched as I dissected the frog. After class, I kept the frog's heart, put it into a small bottle of alcohol and gave it to Bud as a memento before I went back to school in Pennsylvania. That unusual gift seemed to cement our relationship. We continued to date during school breaks and the following summer. In the fall of 1958, my senior year, I transferred to Hofstra. We became engaged that Christmas and were married on June 27, 1959, at the Manhasset Congregational Church. My mother, now 96, made my wedding gown. Bud retired as a guidance counselor at Smithtown High School West in 1996. He works part-time as a special education aide for the Smithtown School District. I taught social studies in Nassau County middle schools before we had our two children, then later went to work at JC Penney's in the children's department until 1996. Bud and I enjoy our chocolate Labrador retriever, traveling and visiting our children and three grandchildren. We are members of the Smithtown United Methodist Church choir, and I coordinate the church's thrift shop. And yes - Bud still has the frog's heart - preserved in that bottle in his dresser - to remind him of the summer we met so many years ago.