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30 arrested at rally for WikiLeaks soldier

TRIANGLE, Va. -- Carrying signs bearing the smiling image of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, hundreds rallied Sunday outside the base where he's being detained on charges of providing classified data to WikiLeaks.

About 30 people were arrested by police in riot gear after they refused to vacate an intersection in front of the entrance to Marine Corps Base Quantico. Around the world, more than two dozen rallies were held to protest Manning's detention.

Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the so-called Pentagon Papers in 1971, was among the arrested. Ellsberg was also arrested Saturday outside the White House during a rally on the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Manning is confined alone in his cell for all but an hour a day. Each night, he is stripped naked and given a suicide-proof smock to wear to bed. His lawyer has called the treatment degrading, and Amnesty International says it may violate his human rights.

President Barack Obama and military officials contend that the conditions are appropriate given the seriousness of the charges. Among two dozen charges against him is aiding the enemy, which can bring the death penalty or life in prison.

Earlier this month, chief State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley resigned after criticizing the handling of Manning's detention as "ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid." -- AP

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