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4/20 video shows ex-cops smoking weed

Ex-cops smoke weed in Cut Video YouTube clip

Three ex-cops smoke pot for the first time in decades in a new video from YouTube channel Cut Video.

From the people who made the viral video of grandmothers smoking weed for the first time, three ex-cops toke up in a video posted Monday morning.  

"The last time I smoked was probably in 1968, when I was in college," says Rene, who was a police officer for 27 years.

In the video, the three former cops smoke from a bong and a joint, while playing games like Cards Against Humanity and HedBanz, eating snacks and conducting a field sobriety test.  

"I feel a little floaty," said Robert, a former police officer and freelance trainer. "It's not unpleasant, but it's shadowed by the faint discomfort of not being fully...whatever."

The video was filmed in Washington State, where recreational marijuana use is legal.  Throughout the video, the cops discussed legalization of marijuana.

"I think it should be legal, I think it should be more widely available for medical reasons," Robert said. "It costs more to put somebody in prison ... than it costs to send them to Harvard."

"As far as I can remember I never arrested anyone for it but I took a lot of pot away from people and threw it away in front of them," Rene said. "I thought that was a bigger deterrent than actually writing them a criminal citation."

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