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9-year-old Milla Bizzotto completes obstacle course designed by Navy Seals

Milla Bizzotto completes obstacle course designed by Navy Seals

Milla Bizzotto completed an obstacle course designed by Navy Seals.

While most 9-year-olds spend their days buried in their iPhones, focused on Minecraft or playing on hoverboards, Milla Bizzotto spends hers training for physical obstacle courses designed for athletes far beyond her years.

Milla just completed a 24-hour obstacle race designed by the U.S. Navy Seals called the Battlefrog race BFx24 -- and multiple media outlets identified her as the youngest competitor to ever do so.

In the course, Milla raced 36 miles, swam 8 kilometers and faced 25 obstacles, including a rope climb and barbed wire crawl, the Washington Post reports. The 53-pound Florida resident only slept between 2 and 6 a.m. during the race.

With the help of her father, Christian Bizzotto, Milla documented her training journey on her social media and YouTube accounts with the hopes of inspiring other children to get active, she says in a YouTube clip.

But that’s not the only reason she spent the last nine months training. Milla told CBS Miami that her interest in the March 4 race was fueled by bullying she was facing at school.

To empower herself, she began hitting the gym five days a week for four hours a day with her father, she wrote on a GoFundMe page dubbing her Battlefrog race “Milla’s 24 HR. Against Bullies.”

“I am running to prove to kids that #ImpossibleIsNothing,” she wrote.

“I don’t think the bullying has died down,” her father said to CBS. But “her outlook is so different now that she knows how to defend herself.”

The Battlefrog race BFx24 wasn’t even the first time Milla took on an adult obstacle race, and it won’t be the last. She ran the Spartan race with her father and grandmother last year, CBS says, and she’s currently training for The Athlete Race.

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