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A look at new airport security measures

A look at new security measures at international airports and on flights, according to the Transportation Security Administration and interviews with passengers arriving at Kennedy Airport Sunday. The measures are directed at passengers on U.S.-bound international flights.

Will security measures be the same at all U.S. international airports?

No. Federal officials will use different measures depending on alerts or other reasons for higher safety concerns. Passengers may see bomb-sniffing dogs and officer teams and behavioral detection specialists.

What new security mandates are already in place that affect traveler during a flight?

During the last hour of flight, crew members have told passengers to stow their carry-on items, including books, handheld devices, blankets and pillows. They have prohibited travelers from leaving seats during that time - meaning no bathroom trips. Some flights will be without inflight entertainment due to concerns over channels using GPS to show aircraft location. JetBlue Airlines has canceled inflight entertainment on flights originating outside the U.S.

If I'm flying to the United States from abroad, what extra security measures may I encounter at my departure airport?

Passengers can expect

pat-downs and searches of their carry-on bags before boarding.

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