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Accused terrorist asks court to be sent to military tribunal

An accused terrorist on Friday asked to be sent to a military tribunal at his first public appearance in federal court in Brooklyn after months in U.S. custody.

Saudi-born Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan Adam Harun, 43, an alleged al-Qaida operative, told U.S. District Judge Edward Korman that he didn't understand anything about the U.S. judicial system, but a military trial made more sense to him as a "warrior."

"Even if I didn't understand the system, I know there's something I did against them because I did fight against their forces," Harun said.

Harun is accused of fighting against the United States in the early years of the war in Afghanistan, and then plotting overseas attacks against U.S. interests. He was arrested in Libya in 2005, and has been in U.S. custody since last year undergoing interrogation. He was secretly moved to Brooklyn and arraigned last fall.

Korman said he had no power to move the case to a military court. Harun, in an amiable back and forth through a translator, said, "If this is how things are going to go, I'll just shut my mouth."

He later said he didn't want to work with an attorney, telling the judge, "Your government can do anything it wants to me."

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