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Good Evening

Ackerman gives a shout-out, this one welcome

The outbursts of opinions during speeches by President Barack Obama keep happening.

In the past year, Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina yelled out "You lie!" as Obama delivered an address and it happened again yesterday, but in a friendly way. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Roslyn Heights) piped up from the back of the room as Obama signed the health care overhaul.

During the White House signing ceremony, Obama acknowledged the difficult politics Democrats faced in writing and negotiating the final bill.

"It's also a testament to the historic leadership - and uncommon courage - of the men and women of the United States Congress, who've taken their lumps during this difficult debate," Obama said.

"Yes, we did," Ackerman shouted in a twist on the Obama campaign chant of "Yes, we can," prompting hearty laughter from the audience.

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