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American Airlines to charge for 'Express Seats'

American Airlines has found another fee.

The Fort Worth, Texas, airline said yesterday it's now charging between $19 and $39 for "Express Seats" - those spots in the first few rows of coach that include bulkhead seats - on domestic flights.

American said the price includes getting on in the first "general boarding" group of passengers. The extra-cost seats are in the first two or three rows of the coach cabin.

Anne Banas, executive editor of, thinks passengers will see more packaged fees like this in the future, with benefits like free standby or boarding perks included.

Airlines that already charge for special seats are United, Continental, US Airways, JetBlue, Frontier, Spirit and AirTran.

The American seats don't give passengers much extra for their money, said Steven Hall of Most of the other airlines' premium seats offer more legroom. But it is a benefit for passengers to be among the first to board the plane, he added.

The seats on American can only be bought at airport kiosks between 24 hours to 50 minutes before the flight. - AP

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